Ghost x Purple

Clear Sunglasses With Purple Mirrored Lenses
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  • Question: What’s better than being outside during the summer, tailgating with a bunch of your friends, holding an ice-cold drink in your hand, blasting your favorite music, telling funny stories and not having a worry in the world?

    Answer: Doing all that while wearing a pair of these babies.

  • • Free Bonus Pouch & Sticker Included
    • Durable & Impact Resistant
    • Super Lightweight
    • Protect Your Eyes
    • Flexible Material
    • Reduce Eye Fatigue & Stop Eye Strain
    • Upgrade Your Selfie Game

  • • Frame: 5.6" (141mm)
    Height: 1.875" (48mm)
    • Arms: 5.6" (141mm)

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