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  • 21 Beach Hacks You NEED for the Summer

    April 26, 2016 4 min read

    The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, our clothing is getting shorter...this can only mean one thing: SUMMER is upon us!

    And if you're anything like us, you're ecstatic.

    So to help you get ready for the epic beach days in your future, we put together this awesome list of beach hacks. Leggo!

    1. Have the Coolest Cooler
    Beach Hack 1: Have the Coolest Cooler

    Source: brit.co

    Fill up some water balloons and freeze them overnight for keeping things cold in your cooler.

    The best part?

    Have a water balloon fight once they’ve melted!

    2. Build a Fitted Sheet Fortress
    Beach Hack 2: Fitted Sheet Fortress

    Source: reddit

    Instead of using a regular beach blanket or large towel, try bringing a fitted sheet.

    Put large, heavier items into all four corners and build a mini-fortress for yourself.

    It keeps some of the sand out!

    3. Avoid Skin Irritation
    Beach Hack 3: Avoid Skin Irritation

    Source: isimplylovemakeup.com

    Did you know that shaving right before the beach can leave your skin extra sensitive to all the sand and salt water?

    Try shaving with baby oil to help keep your skin smooth.

    4. Insect-Proof Your Drinks
    Beach Hack 4: Insect-Proof Your Drinks

    Source: onecrazyhouse.com

    This works for all outdoor summer activities be it at the beach, by the pool, at a picnic, etc.

    Get a cupcake liner (foil works best). Poke a hole through the bottom. Wrap it around your cup. Stick a straw through the hole.

    No more bugs. Genius!

    5. Stash Away Your Cash
    Beach Hack 5: Stash Away Your Cash

    Source: popsugar.com

    If you’re worried about someone stealing your valuables on the beach, try using an empty Pringles can!

    Besides your cash, you can also store your keys, wallet and other small valuable items inside.

    6. Adios, Beach Thieves
    Beach Hack 6: So Long Beach Thieves

    Source: thedailyocean.blogspot.com

    Still concerned about beach theft?

    Here’s a suggestion that’s pretty much guaranteed to work.

    Use a DIAPER. A clean one, of course. Wrap up all your valuables in a clean diaper  because well...who’s going to steal and open what appears to be a dirty diaper?

    7. Ziplock-Proof Your Phone
    Beach Hack 7: Ziplock-Proof Your Phone

    Source: tyler_r

    Why spend a hundred bucks or more on one of those monster sized “everything proof” phone cases if you don’t have to.

    Simply put your phone into a plastic bag for protection from the sand and water.

    You can still use it through the plastic!

    8. Always Bring Baby Powder
    Beach Hack 8: Always Bring Baby Powder

    If there’s anything you take away from this list, this is the one to remember!

    Sprinkle some baby powder onto your skin after the beach and the sand will wipe right off.

    Now your friend who wouldn’t drive because they didn’t want sand in their car doesn’t have an excuse!

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    9. Use a Solo Cup as a Speaker
    Beach Hack 9: Solo Cup Speaker

    Forget to bring your headphones? Or a portable speaker?

    Drop your phone inside a red solo cup.

    Voila! You now have a (makeshift) speaker.

    10. Try the Steering Wheel 180
    Beach Hack 10: The Steering Wheel 180

    Car hack! And it’s simple as can be.


    Before beachin’ it, turn your steering wheel 180 degrees when you leave it parked in the sun.

    Your hands will thank you when you get back later.

    11. Soothe the Sun Burn
    Beach Hack 11: Soothe the Sun Burn

    Source: barefootwine.com

    There’s nothing worse than a sun burn, but sometimes it’s just inevitable.

    Prepare some aloe vera ice cubes prior to your beach trips and have them ready for quick relief when you get back!

    12. Score One for the SUPER Lazy
    Beach Hack 12: For the Super Lazy

    Source: lovethispic.com

    Part lazy.

    Part genius.

    13. Flip-Flop Life Support
    Beach Hack 13: Flip-Flop Life Support

    Source: depalmaleather

    You know those bread bag tags that we all pretty much hate? (I mean don’t we all do the spin-and-tuck?)

    Keep a couple handy, just in case your flip flops break.

    14. Use a Frisbee as a Food Plate
    Beach Hack 14: Frisbee Food Plate

    Source: twistedsifter.com

    The frisbee.

    Not just a fun beach past-time.

    It also provides amazing support for paper plates and makes a great water bowl for dogs.

    15. Make a Floatable Key Chain
    Beach Hack 15: Floatable Key Chain

    Source: greenmoxie.com

    Not sure why you would, but if you absolutely must bring your keys everywhere with you - particularly into the ocean - attach them to a wine cork.

    The wine cork will help them float if you lose them.

    16. Use a Green Tea Face Mist
    Beach Hack 16: Green Tea Face Mist

    Source: homemademamas.net

    A fun and healthier alternative to spraying with water!

    Feel free to spray over your entire body and not just your face.

    The green tea will keep you feeling cool and refreshed. Plus the antioxidants in the tea are great for your skin!

    17. Save Those Coffee Creamer Containers
    Beach Hack 17: Beach Snack Container

    Source: sharonscrapbook

    There’s no point in buying more and more tupperware that’s just going to end up all sandy and salty.

    If you’re a coffee drinker, there’s a good chance you have Coffeemate creamer containers in your fridge.

    Use an empty one for storing beach snacks!

    18. Ears Plugged? Try This
    Beach Hack 18: Ears Plugged? Try This

    Source: Bob Prosser

    Sometimes we get water plugged in our ears. And it’s really annoying.

    Try blowing into a deflated balloon a few times.

    It’ll help force out some of that water and relax your ears!

    19. Hide Your Beer Cans
    Beach Hack 19: Hide Your Beer Cans

    Source: instructables.com

    Sometimes you aren’t permitted to drink alcohol on the beach.

    So....hide your can of beer in a large 32oz plastic or soft drink cup.

    I have a feeling some of you have tried this already (lol)

    20. Ease a Jellyfish Sting
    Beach Hack 20: Ease a Jellyfish Sting

    Going to a beach where jellyfish are present?

    Bring along a spray bottle filled with vinegar.

    It will help take the sting out!

    21. Relax Like Royalty
    Beach Hack 21: Relax Like Royalty

    Source: diy-enthusiasts.com

    We think of all our hacks, this one will make your friends and family the most jealous.

    Sew a comfy pillow into one end of a long beach towel and lay on the sand like a king (or queen)!


    ***Pro Tip: Losing expensive sunglasses at the beach is the worst.