About Gage Sunglasses

We Do All Things Beach Related

Spreading nothing but good vibes from Long Island, NY!

So yeah, we’re officially a sunglasses company but we like to promote so much more than what we sell.

Life is all about the simple things. Relaxing on the beach with your friends and enjoying the good life. Seeking the thrills of an outdoor adventure or riding the waves. Doing the things that spark your emotions and make you feel alive. It’s all about building a culture of people who won’t let life pass them by. These are the true rock stars in life.

Gage is a beach lifestyle brand based out of Long Island, NY.

We want to provide you with fun and colorful sunnies that match your personality. Here’s to all of our fellow beach bums.

This one’s on us...Cheers!

Cheers to the Beach Lifestyle