Chrome Crush | Apple Green

Grey Wayfarer Sunglasses With Apple Green Mirrored Lenses
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  • You’ve already got the flashy bathing suit. The tank top is ready to go. You might even have some eccentric flip flops. All you’re missing is a pair of these babies right here.

    Picture yourself wearing these matte grey frames with their vibrant green lenses for your next beach adventure to top it all off. Sounds good doesn’t it? We agree.

  • Free Bonus Pouch & Sticker Included: Every single pair you purchase comes with a branded microfiber pouch for safe on-the-go storage for your sunglasses that can also be used to clean the lenses. You’ll also receive a branded sticker that sticks to your favorite object and/or person.
    Durable & Impact Resistant: For sunglasses that are so light weight, you’ll be shocked at how well they hold up over time. The FDA-approved lenses are impact resistant, meaning they won’t break or shatter. They were made for both lazy and active beach bums!
    Super Lightweight: Seriously, it’s literally the first thing almost everybody mentions after trying them on. It’s what makes them so comfy to wear. Especially over long periods of time!
    Protect Your Eyes: Block out harmful UV rays. No more dry red eyes, straining your vision, or headaches. The science is simple: these glasses are UV400 and designed to block out the sun’s harmful rays, which damage your eyes.
    Flexible Material: The thermoplastic material allows our flexible frames to easily bend to the contour of your face. They do a great job fitting onto different size heads!
    Reduce Eye Fatigue & Stop Eye Strain: Long days in the sun can strain your eyes and cause headaches. If you're squinting against bright sunlight, eye pain can come on very quickly. When the eye muscles that focus your vision don't have a chance to relax, you'll soon feel the strain. It may even cause you to have trouble focusing.
    Upgrade Your Selfie Game: Everybody loves taking them, and we have no doubt that your selfie game is already strong. But when you rock a pair of Gages in your selfie, it's a guaranteed winner. Color-coordinate your outfit with your favorite pair of Gages!

  • • Frame: 5.6" (141mm)
    Height: 1.875" (48mm)
    • Arms: 5.6" (141mm)

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