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  • Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

    June 09, 2021 3 min read

    Polarized sunglasses are a better alternative to most basic lenses. They can provide a lot more protection for your eyes, and they have a unique filter technology that prevents harmful sun radiations and glare from getting into your line of sight.

    If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering whether polarized sunglasses are a good fit for you. Keep reading to learn more about the main benefits of these sunglasses!

    Photo showing young couple in the ocean wearing polarized Gage sunglasses

    Sharper Image

    Polarized lenses aren’t just great for reducing glare. They provide a much sharper image, with enhanced clarity and visual comfort. While some sunglasses can mess up the colors and cause some issues with shadows, polarized lenses offer a much more balanced image overall. 

    Protection from sunburn and harmful sun radiation

    The sun offers many amazing health benefits. However, it can also be quite dangerous if one spends too much time outdoors without the proper precautions. Most people are pretty diligent when it comes to wearing hats or putting on sunscreen. For some reason, the very same people seem to overlook sunglasses and fail to protect their eyes! As it turns out, the eyes are just as susceptible as your skin to damage from the sun.

    Sunlight can indeed reflect from various objects, including glass, metal, snow, water, and even roads, creating a glaring effect. In most cases, polarized sunglasses are meant to block out horizontal light waves, which are the ones that bounce off objects, causing glaring and reflection. Because of their unique construction, polarized lenses can let vertical light waves through, which are the “pure” light coming from the sun, unaffected by bouncing reflections that might cause some damage, as mentioned earlier (even more on that later!)

    While the glaring light in your eyes can certainly be annoying, it also poses various dangers. Consistent exposure to glare can even cause partial or permanent blindness in the long run, and it has been associated with sunburn in the eyes - yes, it can happen too!

    In addition to causing health problems, glare can be a more immediate practical threat as well. Unexpected glaring lights can be dangerous because they can cause accidents. For instance, glare has been known to provoke a great deal of road accidents because it takes a fraction of a second to be distracted and lose focus for something really bad to happen.

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    A great tool to help with light-sensitivity 

    Polarization essentially acts as a filter - a barrier, if you will. It is a perfect opportunity to block a great amount of reflecting lights from entering the eyes of the wearer. In addition to improving the health of the wearer in terms of harmful sun exposure, polarized lenses can be helpful if you are light-sensitive.

    Some people have chronic issues with light, and extensive exposure might cause headaches and other disturbances. In some cases, polarized sunglasses can also be helpful for post-cataract surgery patients, who are dealing with a very sensitive period for their eyesight, since recovery is a fairly delicate process!

    UV protection

    UV radiation from the sun can be extremely harmful. Polarized sunglasses can indeed be quite a great ally in protecting your precious eyes from UV rays.

    In conclusion, this article is barely scratching the surface. These are only some of the many benefits that highlight why polarized sunglasses are actually much better for users in so many ways. While non-polarized lenses do offer some protection, polarization ensures optimal results.

    With our polarized sunnies, you can finally chase the sun and never be afraid of getting too close!