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The Best New Sunglasses for Fall 2018

October 11, 2018

The Best New Sunglasses for Fall 2018

RIP Summer 2018: Summer might be over but that doesn’t mean the sun won’t continue to shine bright. You’ll still need a pair of sunnies to carry around with you whether you’re running errands for the day, hitting the trails for an autumn hike or getting your football tailgate on. Luckily for you we put together a list of cool sunglasses that pair perfectly for the fall, so you can still rock your style just like you did when you were in mid-summer form.

The change in seasons means switching the bright flashy colors to something more toned down, like tortoise or black frames with amber or black lenses. Grab some new ones to replace the pairs you lost over the summer at the beach or to match your fresh new jacket. Let’s crush it and get your fall style on point.

Women's Sunglasses for the Fall

Cali x Amber Sunglasses
Cali x Smoke Sunglasses
Cali x Silver Sunglasses

Men and Women's Sunglasses for the Fall

Phantom x Smoke Sunglasses
Phantom x Silver Sunglasses
Chrome Crush x Smoke Sunglasses